The Culture Of A People Essay

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The culture of a people is an organic and ever changing structure that is driven by many factors. Nationality, language, physical environment, common traditions or beliefs, and even history are factors that influence the culture of a group of people. Cultural awareness is the ability to recognize and understand the effects of culture on people’s values and behaviors (Wunderle, W, p. 9). Being able to understand and react to the way a certain group or Nation will act in a military situation is absolutely vital. The perception of China is that it is a harsh Communist state but in truth is traditionally a culture based on peace. The most common belief structure throughout the years in China has been Confucianism. Followers of Confucianism believe in humaneness and benevolence while focusing on having an optimistic outlook on human nature. Confucians believe in living an ordinary lifestyle and that heaven is the positive force in life. Confucianism has influenced China’s military to adopt a “non-war” concept to problem solving. A good example of this concept is the Great Wall of China which was built in order to prevent the nomadic warlords to the North from invading China. The nation has also seen its fair share of conflict over the years from tribal warfare to civil war despite the belief in only waging war when it is absolutely necessary. The most recent major conflict was a civil war between the People’s Republic of China and the Communist Party of China. The…

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