Essay on The Culture Industry And Its Relevance Today 's Modern World

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In today’s western capitalist societies individuals are consciously and subconsciously immersed into the constantly growing world of technology, with the internet, social media and global connectivity. This emergence of new media and technology has profound effects on society and individuals. Thus, bringing forth the theory of ‘the Culture Industry’ and its relevance today. The culture industry argument was developed by Adorno and Horkheimer and focuses on the effects of capitalist mass media and cultural commodities on society, and whether its effects are still relevant. Today ownership of cultural production continuously grows, increasing the standardisation of commodities being mass produced and consumed (Cook, 1996). The internet and social media provide platforms for global connectivity and global production. To understand how consumers are affected by their consumption of culture industry products, one must look at what the culture industry is, how new media has changed its relevance, and whether or not it is still relevant in a modern world.
The Culture Industry argument was developed and analysed by Adorno and Horkheimer, after concerns of societal organisation arose due to capitalism and the pursuit to maximise profit by any means. Strinati (1995) explains that the Frankfurt School’s 1923 theory of culture looked at capitalism as having the ability to control society and societal behaviour, made possible through mass media and popular culture. There has been a loss…

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