The Culture And Belief Systems Essay

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Depending on where we grow up, we learn to see the world differently because of distinct culture and belief systems. In the Fumie culture, those people learn to view the world from a darker perspective than the Western world. Fumie culture finds it acceptable to succumb to the lowest moments in life, for example suicide and shutting out completely from the outside world. On the other hand, Western culture does not find admiration and honor in suicide or accepting sadness. Both culture and belief are interdependent to each other, just like the Holy Trinity is interdependent to one another. In one culture, there is beauty in hiding and in the other there is beauty in showing something off. What makes these two cultures so different yet so similar to each other? The value and the faith of culture guides its people to distinguish themselves from other cultures. In Endo, culture and belief are ambiguous. In his book Silence, throughout the novel we see ambiguity in the characters like Rodrigues and even Kichijiro. From the very beginning of the novel we have a specific way of viewing each character, and as the novel goes by, we learn that there are deep and confounding aspects to Rodrigues and Kichijiro. The Japanese in Silence had to conform to the way of life their culture expected them to live, even though the beliefs people had were different. The Fumie culture is what has influenced the Japanese way of life for centuries, “the muddy swamp of Japan gave birth to fumi-e…

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