Essay on The Cultural Elements Of South Asia

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The major cultural elements that contributed to the human diversity of South Asia are the two main religions in the region. These religions are Hinduism and Buddhism. Both are similar but have differences that make up the diversity in South Asia. Hinduism is mainly in India; which includes worship of many gods related to varied historic experiences and is associated with a caste order. A caste order is a social class system based on supremacy of people. The top of the caste order are the priest, next the warriors and rulers, then the commoner merchants and artisans; outside divisions; lowest caste, servants and outcasts labeled “untouchables”. This religion believes that everyone is to carry out their own moral duties. They also believe in reincarnation; after death becoming as another living thing until person overcomes personal weaknesses and earthly desires. Once that is reached they leave the cycle and become reunited with the eternal being. Hinduism also believes in Karma, what goes around comes around, good deeds equal good reactions and rewards or bad deeds equal bad reactions and rewards. Hinduism is accepting of other religions, seeing them all different pathways to the same end. Buddhism is the major religion in East Asia, having greater openness than Hinduism and accommodates other philosophies and religions. Buddhism’s truly want to reach a total state of Nirvana. Nirvana is a state of insight, calmness, and joy. Buddhist believe that material…

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