Film Analysis: The Crying Of Lot 49

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It can be just a matter of perspective whether we hold the view that there are somewhat inevitable connection among events or there only exists sheer chance. For how can we judge the existence of relationship, a invisible thing? In that case, it is more fruitful to think about what is the healthy way to cope with seeming contingency than to be engrossed in the discussion about something is a chance product or not. It is because paranoia no less distresses its possessor than a world with no causality at all make one uneasy. Given that, some other attitude toward contingency should be possible, other than the commence of chance or the conspiracy theory. I would like speak to one of Darren Aronofsky’s film called Pi. This film takes the same tactics as The Crying of Lot 49, which keeps the reader away from the truth about a certain connectivity. The protagonist of this film, Max, is a man of prodigious mathematical ability, which he …show more content…
However, in terms of chance we are discussing, the piece offers some interesting points. First, the plot shows the homology between logical academism and fanatic belief, by presenting both Max approaching the system of the universe and supernatural knowledge of religious cult as something that can be synthesized. Subsequently, we can see paranoia and the extremely logical mind of mathematics prodigy as one. Hence, logic or rationality is not healthy as well. It is likely that the healthy way to deal with chance is to accept the existence of chance knowing it irrational. It is not a regression to the pre-scientific era, where animistic connectivity or omnipotent celestial will were believed. If we assume that seeing interrelation in a series of event leads to a mental health problem, we no longer focus on the opposition of accolade to chance against the negation of chance. Instead, paranoia versus

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