The Cry Of The Children By Elizabeth Barrett Browning Essay

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The Cry of the Children
Elizabeth Barrett Browning was a famous English poet and a social activist who stood for women’s rights, prostitution, and child labor. One of her most famous poems, The Cry of the Children, is a poem that advocates against child labor. In the poem, Browning discusses how the children feel. She mentions how tired, depressed, and abandoned they are. The poem gives off a very powerful message, in that children should not be put through that torture. The society should let children be children. While I enjoyed the Browning’s poem, there were moments were I was greatly confused and deeply moved. Elizabeth Browning was an activist in both England and the United States. In this poem, it is unclear where she is getting her inspiration to fight against child labor. In stanza one line 12, Browning says “in the country of the free?” (637) Historically, I do not know much about child labor. From what I do know about child labor, England during the industrial revolution went through a time period of a lot of child labor. I do not know much history about the United States and child labor; however, the United States is known as the land of the free. As a result, it is unclear which country (if both) Browning was advocating against. Reading the poem in this time period, the poem would be less historically confusing if the reader knows which country she is referring too. A comprehensive confusion I had with this poem was the context. As I read the poem, it felt…

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