The Crucible By George Clooney : Good Night, And Good Luck Essay

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Mass hysteria seems to be a timeless term that people have frequented themselves with generation after generation. This paranoia has been resuscitated time and time again; whether it was the belief that everyone was a witch or that they were a Communist. Mass hysteria develops from a belief or heavy devotion, however small, then gains momentum expeditiously through people who also may have this extremist mentality as the originator. Many historical events have been the victim of some form of widespread delusion and extremism. To name a few would be the Salem witch trials, the Red Scare, and 9/11. Each of these events was analyzed and represented through films and plays. The Salem witch trials were portrayed in the form of a play in Arthur Miller’s The Crucible. Whereas a movie directed by George Clooney called Good Night, and Good Luck showcases the effects of the Red Scare and depicts a persecution complex of sorts that affects the American people. Good Night, and Good Luck was released in 2005 and is said to mimic how 9/11 influenced society outlook of the Muslim people. Both of these forms of entertainment and enlightenment display how America has fallen to and continues to fall under mass hysteria and extremism.
The people of Salem, Massachusetts in Arthur Miller’s play The Crucible were heavily devoted to religion and the religion 's role in society. The town worked as a theocracy, meaning that God’s will is God’s way. As soon as you stepped outside the realm of the…

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