Essay about The Crucible By Arthur Miller

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Many are familiar with the concept of an “Achilles’ heel”, the notion that everyone has their own specific weakness that, once exploited, will destroy his or her life. People go to great lengths to conceal their secrets, and keeping their Achilles’ heel protected motivates many of their actions. This is seen in The Crucible, as many of the characters’ actions are motivated by self-interest. In order to protect their own reputations, Abigail and her followers accuse others of witchcraft. They soon become addicted to the taste of their newfound power and authority, and the accusations quickly spiral out of control. It is not until people of high importance and stature are accused that the people of Salem come their senses and see these heinous crimes for what they truly are. Blinded by their own pride, Abigail, the judges, and all of Salem facilitate the destruction of innocent lives. In The Crucible, Abigail Williams, the judges, and John Proctor prove that pride is the ultimate downfall. Arguably the most egotistical person in all of Salem, Abigail Williams’ motives are nothing if not self-motivated. When faced with a situation that puts her reputation at stake, she fights tooth and nail to preserve her reputation and her pride. She is faced with one of these situations after dancing in the forest, a taboo activity that, if discovered, will inflict severe consequences on her and her family. Having found out about Abigail’s sin, Parris pleads, “I pray you feel the…

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