Essay about The Crucible By Arthur Miller

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The town of Salem was a tightly knit and watchful group of puritan citizens. Puritans came over and inhabited the state of Massachusetts and the city of Salem, to escape from religious persecution in England. Irony makes its way into Salem when witchcraft becomes punishable by death. The Crucible by Arthur Miller depicts salem during the peak of the witch hunts and trials. The town of Salem, in the beginning is shown as a town that is almost ready to turn on eachother. Everyone knows everything about everyone else and their social status is almost as important to them as their relationship with God. As many could have seen coming, in Act II, fear starts to take control of the town. The whispers of witchcraft start to circulate the town; the rumors are running wild about who might be involved. In Acts III and IV, hysteria sets in on the town and its inhabitants. People start to get controlled by their fear and make irrational decisions. Innocent people are dying and people are not only not discouraging it, they are encouraging it.When people are scared they can be manipulated, and the town of Salem is horrified..
When we are I introduced to the town of Salem, we are shown a town of puritans who are trying to find out why strange things are happening. They were getting scared, and when people are scared, they will believe anything they hear that will fix their problems, even if it is not exactly right or true. The people of Salem do not quite know what is going on, which is…

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