Essay about The Crucible By Arthur Miller

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What would you do if your life were in danger, or if someone accuses you of a crime, and you are to be hanged? Would you wonder what the judge’s decision is when you go to court? Well, that’s what everyone was trying to figure out and think about in The Crucible, a play by Arthur Miller. The Crucible takes place in Salem, Massachusetts in 1692. Hundreds of people faced accusations of witchcraft. A dozen more people languished in jail without a trial. The trials began because Betty Parris (the daughter of the minister, Reverend Samuel Parris), fell ill. He goes into the woods. He sees that they have a cauldron, and Tituba, Parris’s slave, is singing in Barbados. The girls were trying to make a love potion, while Tituba was trying to invoke Ruth Putnam’s dead sisters to find out who murdered them. Then, he sees someone naked. The girls get scared when he shows up, and they run. After that, Betty “passes out” on her bed and won’t wake up. Tituba immediately came under suspicion. Reverend Hale is the man that has experience with demonic arts. Abigail Williams is seen as suspicious, including Mrs. Putnam. Abigail is Reverend Parris’s niece. Mrs. Putnam is seen as suspicious because she made Tituba invoke the dead, which is a sin. Deception, seduction, and mystery are the three things that make Mrs. Putnam and Abigail Williams to blame for the accusations of witchcraft in Salem. First, Mrs. Putnam is described as paranoid and she’s known to dispel anyone she meets.…

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