The Crucible By Arthur Miller Essay

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During the McCarthy era, anti-communist trials took a toll on alleged communists that were threatened with job loss. Playwright Arthur Miller wrote a play about the Salem Witch trials, and he was able to refer to the similarity of McCarthyism in America during the 1940 's and 1950 's. The Salem Witch trials as well as the Anti-communist trials made accusations without real evidence. John Proctor, a character in "The Crucible" fell victim to Abigail Williams ' accusations. Likewise, Arthur Miller 's career was affected by the HUAC 's disapproval of his work. Miller sought out to respond to anti-communist trials by writing a play about the Salem Witch trials of 1692.
As both events took place, the authority took action towards the accused instead of let them go because they were afraid it would result in a loss of power. Miller stated, the informer became the axle of the plot 's existence and the investigation 's necessity. To keep social unity intact, the sanctions imposed on each defendant had to be strict. Both trials had similar traditions of defense, investigative routines, and prosecution against alleged members of an untrustworthy group. Accused witches had to claim that they were members of the Devil 's conspiracy to be saved. So-called reds could prove honesty, if they told the HUAC the names of other members of the communist party or they would lose their careers. The Red-Hunt that reached Hollywood was led by the House Committee on Un-American Activities. Their main…

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