Essay about The Crucible By Arthur Miller

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The play The Crucible, by Arthur Miller, takes place in Salem, Massachusetts in the year 1692. Miller writes about the effects of how the town of Salem use religion as a blinder to the events taking place during the Salem Witch Trials. A group of girls are found dancing and doing things they should not be in the woods, and when questioned they blame spirits. The young girls in The Crucible by Arthur Miller gain control of the town of Salem which results in the deaths of many people. They claim they are bewitched and begin to act erratically due to these bewitchments. The town does not know what to do with this information so they begin to believe these girls and the things they say, so when they begin to accuse townspeople of being witches, those who are accused are rounded up and most are sentenced to death. The whole play is based on the confusion of the subject of bewitchment and what the town did to solve it. Hysteria and gender are the main factors in the downfall of Salem during the time of the witch trials.
The hysteria spread so fast the townspeople cannot keep up with it and begin to feed into it. Erikson writes "By this time the hysteria had spread well beyond the confines of Salem Village, as it grew in scope so did the appetites of the young girl,"(409). This quote shows how the longer this idea of witch craft went on, the greater the belief grew. The more the hysteria grew in the town the more the girls got excited by it. They continued to add to the ideas…

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