The Crucible By Arthur Miller Essay

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Arthur Miller a great American playwright who wrote the play of “The Crucible” shows a picture of justice in the seventeenth century which oppresses women through patriarchal interpretation of the law and hysteria which took place during their legal system of which still affects society today. During 1692 in Massachusetts, women were expected to behave under biblical law and under a theocracy society where people were told what to do by a religious human power. The contemporary workforce still reflects the imbalance of hysteria and a patriarchal society that we still leave today and we are influenced by the society and we are told to live in a certain way by our legal system regardless to the rights that we had since the Civil War. Arthur Miller illustrates the effects of mass hysteria on society. The story of the Crucible is set in Massachusetts and explores the implication of the Salem witch trials from the years 1692 to 1693 from the perspective of a society that followed their rules. Some of the same power and beliefs that triggered hysteria in Salem have reflection in society today. The legal system that they had was grounded in biblical law, and required to follow rules set by a human power based on the bible. People during that time behaved unreasonably under the justification of laws that punished them by hysteria. Having a connection with supernatural creatures made people guilty and they had to confess, which made hysteria a very popular strategy to use in order…

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