The Crucible And The Scarlet Letter Essay

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Puritan thought, the so called start of American thought, and the time of the Puritans was very important for the development of American history. Two tales that show the flaws in thinking and judgment of that time are “The Crucible”, and “The Scarlet Letter”. Both of these stories give a similar portrayal of the Puritans, the freedom that can be won - or lost - by a symbol, and shows how sin, whether it be lying or adultery, can destroy you. However, these narratives also differ in many ways showing the differences in the roles of ministers in a community, how the community evidenced sin, and what the gender of convicted and 'convictor ' was. “The Crucible” and “The Scarlet Letter” show the 'evil ' and 'good ' that was the Puritan people. Both of these tales show their hysteria and their unwillingness to break the rules and their jaded attitudes (Silva). Hawthorn describes the Puritans in “The Scarlet Letter” as narrow-minded, cruel, and judgmental. Miller says nearly the same thing in “The Crucible” when even the judges refuse to agree with Abigail when she claims to have seen Reverend Hale 's wife send her spirit out on her. They say that a Preacher 's family is 'clean ', and she was mistaken. Though it is debatable as to whether it is their narrow-mindedness, or the fact that the judge, realizing that this is a farce and they need not go any farther refuses to put another on the stand. While dumping the guilt on the poor men of both stories the elements that…

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