Essay about The Cross Symbol Of Hope

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The Cross Symbol of Hope

When we see the cross of Christ, we should see it as the most beautiful image of all

time. It is God’s symbol of victory over the forces of sin and death. We should see it as

the ultimate message that out of anything bad, anything tragic, something good can and

will occur. Perhaps it may not happen right away, perhaps it will not even happen in our

lifetime, but, even if it is just a lesson learned, good will win in the end. We should not view the cross as standing alone. While the cross alone may reveal that

we have no hope, the man hanging on the cross changes the story. Jesus made the

sacrifice we could not make, He paid the debt we could not pay. Jesus changed my story

and He changes yours. Jesus frees us to be honest about who we are, failures and all.

Since there is no reason to pretend that we aren’t broken, this should free us to be open

and honest with ourselves.

The clarity of the cross presses us deeply into the hope that Jesus offers. Today, rest

in that hope. Spend some time in prayer today confessing the sins that the cross may

remind you of, and then rest in the presence of Jesus, you are forgiven, restored and

redeemed. The shackles have been broken and you have been set free. Jesus has made

it possible for man to be free no longer bound by his sins. The late Dr Myles Munroe puts

it so elegantly when he said. 1“Through Jesus, we gain access to every part of God’s

dwelling place. He…

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