The Cross Symbol Of Grace Analysis

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The Cross Symbol of Grace

As someone had said, “At the cross, God gave the most precious thing He possessed

for the most undeserving people He knew.” This truth is vividly illustrated by Christ’s

acceptance of the repentant thief while hanging on the cross. “Today you will be with me

in paradise” (Luke 23:43). As Henk Hamsteeg put it in an article in Challenge Weekly,

“A sin soaked criminal is received by a blood stained Savior. That’s the pure definition

of grace.” And, as Paul declares in Romans 8, his great chapter on the blessings that

come to us through the cross, “He who did not spare His own Son, but gave Him up for

us all, how will He not also, along with Him, graciously give us all things?” (v.32). All
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At the cross, His grace was bestowed upon

us. We partake of His grace at the cross. The cross is where He gave up all of His rights

for us.
1 Quote from Grace To Stand Firm, Grace To Grow by Carol J. Ruvolo –page 16 -17
The Cross Symbol of Grace

The grace of the cross begins with us when we give ourselves to the Lord

(2 Corinthians 8:5), this is so important. I can give of my resources until I am broke, but

if I have not first given of myself to the Lord, it is emptiness and meaningless. Don’t try

to give of your substance when you are holding yourself back from God, don’t do it. In

1Corinthians 13:3 Paul wrote “if I bestow all my goods to feed the poor and give my

body to be burned, without love, it profits me nothing. We must give Christ the sinful body of our pride. Each one of us should throw, in the

spirit, his load of pride, vanity, self-sufficiency, presumption, haughtiness into the great

furnace of Christ 's passion. We must imitate the saints in heaven as they adore the Lamb,

for this is the model for our adoration here on earth. Revelation tells us the
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The Cross Symbol of Grace

Jesus went to the cross and died for all our sins. He was falsely accused of the

guilty sins of the world. He went to His death as a lamb to the slaughter (Isaiah 53:7).

Because of God’s grace and His great love for us He willingly sacrifice His only son

Jesus Christ for the sins of the world. The grace of God is the gift of salvation granted to

sinners for their redemption. The common Christian teaching is that grace is unmerited

mercy (favor) that God gave to humanity by sending his son to die on a cross, thus

delivering eternal salvation. Although Jesus stood alone to face His accusers,

we never have to. When the powers of this world, seen and unseen, condemn us, Jesus is

always standing alongside not to protest our innocence, but to offer Himself as the one

who has already stood trial for our sins.

Ephesians 2:8 says, "For by grace are you saved, through faith, and that not of

yourselves." It is by His grace towards us that allowed anyone to enter into relationship

with Him. Grace began in the Garden of Eden when God killed an animal to cover the

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