Protestant Reformation And Puritanism Essay

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The Protestant Reformation Produces Puritanism Martin Luther started the Protestant Reformation in 1517 when he nailed the 95 Theses on the door of Wittenberg Cathedral. The most basic of Luther’s ideas were …
The Bible or scripture was the source of God’s word
People were saved by the grace of God (salvation comes as an undeserved gift from God).
People are saved by having faith in Christ, not by any “good works” the person could have done. John Calvin preached Calvinism that stressed “predestination”.
A Basic Christian doctrine was outlined in a document in 1536 called the “Institutes of the Christian Religion.”
It said people were sinful.
It said only the predestined would go to Heaven. A Calvinist was known to see signs
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Plymouth began humbly, but survived.
Its economic income was based on fur trapping, fishing, and lumber.
Plymouth never grew large, but merged with Massachusetts Bay Colony.
3. The Bay Colony Bible Commonwealth A group of Puritans were given a royal charter. This would be the Massachusetts Bay Colony. The charter was brought to America and used it like a constitution. This was another step toward self-government made in Massachusetts. The Puritans had about 11,000 Puritans.
The Puritans were well-equipped people. 3) The Bay Colony enjoyed good leadership, stability, and growth.
John Winthrop was elected for 19 years.
The colony thrived based on fur trading, fishing, and shipbuilding.
4. Building the Bay Colony
The Bay Colony was a democracy ran on Biblical principles.
Franchise was given to all men.
People who didn’t belong at the church couldn’t vote.
Puritans also wanted to control government in the hands of the church C. This meant that roughly 40% of adult men could vote. 2) John Cotton, was the most noteworthy Puritan preacher there was. He went to Cambridge and then emigrated to
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Seeds of Colonial Unity and Independence
The New England Confederation was set up in 1643
It was made of 4 colonies, which held the main goal of defense.
The colonies were Puritan only C. Confederation was weak but, it was a large step toward American unity. 2) Colonies were allowed to be semi-autonomous commonwealths. 3) Charles II intended to make his control over the colonies stricter
He was surprised to find how independence had begun in the American colonies
Massachusetts’ charter was revoked in 1684.
10. Andros Promotes the First American Revolution
The Dominion of New England was created as an arm of the king in 1686
The Navigation Acts had a limit on American trade to the British Empire
Smuggling flourished.
Sir Edmund Andros headed the Dominion.
He established headquarters in areas of Boston that caused trouble
He was associated with the Church of England D. Andros quickly laid the law without hesitation: he curbed town meetings, he revoked land titles and he taxed the people that didn’t have representation. E. William and Mary were given the British throne in the Revolution.
New England fell apart.
Andros dressed like a woman thinking he could sneak away 2) Changed came, but not as Puritans had

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