Act Of Toleration : Lord Baltimore Granted Freedom Of Religion

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Bilal Manzer
Mr. Tomasetti Period 1
September 5th, 2015

Identification #1

1) Act of Toleration: Lord Baltimore granted freedom of religion to Christians of different branches. But, most of the people living in the colonies were Protestant and despised the Catholics wanting to convert theme to their own faith. The Catholics supported the Act of Toleration which was passed in 1649 in Maryland and allowed for them to practice their religion freely. The only drawback was that it only tolerated all types of Christianity so people of other faiths like Judaism and Atheism were killed. (34)
2) Bacon’s Rebellion: Nathaniel Bacon and many other young Virginian frontiersmen revolted in 1676 because they were discontented by the small amount of land that was available for cultivating crops close to villages. They disliked Governor William Berkeley’s friendliness with the Native Americans because that took away land for colonists. When Berkeley did nothing to resolve this matter, the young frontiersmen began to attack Natives. However, Berkeley prevented further revolts by hanging twenty rebels. All of this led to another form of labor causing slavery to become popular so that there would not be any more chaos. (68)
3) Calvin, John: This religious leader utilized Martin Luther’s beliefs during the Protestant Reformation which impacted many Americans. Puritans, Presbyterians, as well as many others followed the teachings of Calvinism. He argued that God is powerful and…

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