The Crisp, Clear Sparkle Of A Diamond Ring Essay

1023 Words Dec 15th, 2014 null Page
The crisp, clear sparkle of a diamond ring has long represented the sanctity of marriage. The traditional diamond engagement ring holds along with the white wedding gown, the exchanged possession of the bride, the requisite of virginity as well as a life of inferiority and obligation for the bride. As women continue to break free from the many chains that have bound them for so very long, our societal ties to this vacant gemstone should be torn as well. With so many lovely gemstones that shine with their own unique colors, we have too many options with which to express the distinctiveness of each relationship to default to something as devoid of character as the classic diamond engagement ring. From the brilliantly and fantastically colored to the subdued and pastel, gemstones can embody so many qualities that represent each engagement and marriage in its own special way. Whether a favorite color, the lover’s birthstone, a shade that conjures up a special memory or one that represents the intertwining of the unique personalities of the couple, the opportunity to express a relationship rather than merely expressing a relationship status, should not be passed by.
Women need no longer feel compelled to surrender to the predefined roles for them that have left generations less than satisfied. Our society is maturing and women are now able to choose for themselves what societal roles they will fulfill. Women are not merely demanding their rights, but men, too, have become…

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