The Criminal Justice System Is Always Under Scrutiny Essay

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The criminal justice system is always under scrutiny. There will always be people that will say that the criminal justice system is indeed fair and just, while others may contradict them. People in the criminal justice system strive to keep a balance between social control and keeping the individual’s freedom. However, there are some exceptions when the public safety is more important than the individual’s rights, and it is when the life of an officer or of the public is being threatened. Even though the people who work in the criminal justice system strive to have a fair and just system, like any other system, there will be times that it will have some flaws and it will not be fair or just. But for this reason, the government continues to change laws so that they could eliminate these flaws and improve the system.
Mostly everyone in the criminal justice system will strive to be fair and just. People in the system do not work because of the money, rather they work because they want to protect their loved ones, have a safe community, and most importantly help others. The system is makeup by three components: the law enforcement, the courts, and corrections. The court is makeup by the law enforcement, the victim, and the suspect. Charles Hynes once said, “To achieve fairness in the urban criminal justice system, prosecutors constantly must balance their obligation to the victims and their responsibility to the public with the rights of defendants.” (p. 3, 1992). So the…

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