The Criminal Justice System And The Crime System Essay

788 Words Oct 26th, 2016 4 Pages
As mentioned previously, the criminal justice system truly has grown tremendously in the most recent decades. There have been some quite surprising insights brought tot light due to the vast amount of research that has come from the criminal justice system expanding in the past decades. After reading through the selected articles there were many major aspects of the criminal justice system to which I found to be surprising, while at times also alarming. As someone who is an considered an outsider on the day to day operations of the criminal justice system, I wholeheartedly believe that certain aspects need to be further investigated and enforced. In the article presented by McIntyre (1994), I was really intrigued as to learn about how certain lawyers are able to sleep at night when they possibly know they are defending a guilty individual. What came to my surprise, however, was their reasoning behind why they are able to do their job without any reservations. McIntyre (1994) noted that there were many justifications as to why defense attorneys do not approach their job with many reservations, one being that, any individual is guaranteed the right to legal representation, as it is one of our constitutional rights. This reasoning was not the slightest bit alarming, however, when McIntyre (1994) noted that often times these attorneys are fighting to keep the system honest, I was quite taken back. McIntyre (1994) noted that simply because an individual is guaranteed…

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