The Criminal Justice Database Library Essay

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For this assignment, I reviewed two articles on the Criminal Justice database library. One focused on bail decisions, and how this can sometimes affect the outcome of the sentencing phase. The other article focused on Capital Sentencing Decisions, that focused on the portrayal of the victim. Both of these articles gave some interesting theories of how judges and jury decide the fate of one’s future. It described how certain factors can influence the judge or jury in their decision making. The sentencing phase has factors that are considered before determining someone’s outcome. The media that is reporting the case to the public, has a major influence on the judge’s decision for sentencing. The judge also has an obligation to the legislatures when determining the sentencing. Not only are some of these factors the media, and legislatures, but a great deal of attention can be linked back to the earlier decisions points, which is the setting of the bail. (Sacks, Sainato, & Ackerman, 2015) Researchers have studied the link between bail decisions and the final sentencing phase, and found a similarity in the way judge’s decide the outcome of a convicted offender. It was determined that when an offender receives a no bail decision and are incarcerated while waiting for pre-trial, they are generally found guilty and sentenced to a longer sentence, that researchers have linked back to the bail decision phase. (Sacks Sainato, & Ackerman, 2015). Other factors are the…

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