The Crime Of The Police Essay example

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New York in the 1980s was full of crime, both in and around the city. Crime, unemployment, and homelessness were high; also, according to Smith, “crack was blighting whole families and neighborhoods. Violent-crime rates were rising for the third straight year, and homicides would set a record” (Smith). In addition, I can see from the video that the 1980s were a bad time for New Yorkers. The police were out of line when doing their job because they were very aggressive to the boys. They did not follow procedures. I believe the cops just wanted a story from the boys and that there was racial profiling. The cops knew that the boys would cave in at some point. The tactics on the part of the police were not ethical because they just wanted a story from the boys that said they were at the scene of the crime. I also believe that the interrogation tactics used for these boys, aged 14 or 15, were unfair. These boys’ civil rights were violated and the cops knew this. They also knew that these boys were young and their parents did not have much education, so they took advantage of these facts. I believe that the cops acted wrongly because of this. If I were experiencing a trial like this in my community and I knew as much as the public, I would be on the side of the boys because we would not know what really happened or what we were seeing. In the film, many people wanted the death penalty for these kids—no “ifs, ands, or buts”—and I believe that during this time there was a lot of…

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