Essay The Crime Of The Criminal Justice System

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The criminal justice system is constructed of various agencies with explicit procedures that are used to control and diminish crimes, along with, implementing penalties on those who are in violation of the laws. Since the seventeenth-century, society and the criminal justice system has manifested based on our evolution. During that era, the criminal justice system focused primarily on punishment rather than deterrence. The criminal justice system was not as complex and intricate as it is today. Since the founding of our Country and the creation of the United States Constitution, our government has created substantial amounts of legislative materials, including, laws and regulations, in order to ensure due process and minimize criminal acts and behaviors. Our government has looked to all the local and state officials, in joining forces to reduce crime not only in our Country but in our states and cities.
Law enforcement agencies are our first line of defense in protecting society from the effects of crime. There are numerous strategies in which law enforcement agencies utilize across the United States to control crime, some of which have demonstrated effectiveness while others have been refuted or unsubstantiated. Controlling crime encompasses a combination of strategies rather than the use of a single strategy.
I. Neighborhood Watch
The National Sheriffs’ Association “NSA” sponsors one of the prevalent and effective crime control strategies in the United States, the…

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