Essay on The Crime Of Criminal Behavior

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The prevalence of criminal activities in our society has really seized my attention. Every day, whether it is on TV or the radio, there is always some new crimes being reported. Some of these crimes are understandable if we take into account the offender upbringing and circumstance(s). But others are inconceivable, and allow no room for tolerance because of the criminal men 's era. Our society is witnessing various crimes that impel us to question ourselves, as to what might be the main factor of human criminal behavior -- nature or nurture. It is a debate that scholars in various fields have been tackling for years. With so many extraneous factors that may have a hand in influencing a person 's propensity towards committing crimes, it is sometimes difficult to tell what is ' 'genetic ' ' and what has been shaped by one 's ' 'environment ' '. For this reason, my research is focused on understanding the stimulus behind a crime by answering, especially this question posed: Is culture the determinant of criminal behavior? I propose to examine ethnographically the behavior of a certain group of teenagers, aging from one to eighteen, and point out any criminal behaviors that are influenced by their culture. I am attuned of its excess of time and devotion. But I am also aware that examining what caused criminal behaviors or actions of a person can be hard to trace and point out, therefore, ethnography is the only strategy method that can detect and divulge the pedigree of these…

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