The Crime Of A Crime Essay

2113 Words May 18th, 2016 9 Pages
Everyone has probably heard a story about some sort of criminal, such as a thief or even a murderer. These two types of criminals, and some other types, all have descriptive traits in common. One of these traits includes pain to others. This pain could be emotional or physical. Being robbed of their money, valuables, or even their life can leave the victims and their family emotionally unstable. Obviously if they were killed or hurt, they are physically in pain. The second of these traits is addiction. Most likely, after a criminal has done their crime once without being caught, they will try again. There are two main reasons this happens. One, they loved the adrenaline rush they got when they committed said crime. Two, they have run out of the money or the item that was stolen. It is a cycle that continues to happen until the criminal is caught. The third of these traits is character. Many times a criminal has grown up in a rough family or neighborhood or just hung out with the wrong crowd of people. Criminals enjoy seeing others suffer. Back to the addiction, criminals are addicted to seeing people suffer because of their crime. Who could become a criminal? What type of person enjoys this type of behavior? Compared to a criminal, a bully has the same three qualities. Bullies like watching other people suffer because of something they said or did. They think it is funny. Bullies, like criminals, are also addicted to their “work”. Bullies will often times go from teasing…

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