The Creator Sat Essay

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The Creator sat amongst the stars, listening to the silence of the universe. Her loneliness was eating away at her and her spirit was turning cold. She then, after many passing suns, decided to create a magnificent world, where each element could live in harmony together. Her attempts proved futile until she imagined and created the perfect world; Earth. She then created the terrain; dirt, grass, plains, forests, plateaus, mountains, valleys and more. The Creator then added ores to these terrains which resembled the stars which she came from so she could always remember her home. She marveled in her work, but still felt as if this beautiful world was missing something. The Creator took grass from the wide plains, and dirt from the earth. She covered the grass in this dirt. After, she plucked a hair from her head, and set it on top of the substance. She waited, but nothing occurred. Stunned by the event, she sat in thought, pondering a solution. It wasn’t long before she realized that she made her world to be in harmony; The earth needed water. She kneeled and shed a single pure tear into a small hole that she dug into the dirt. The tear spread, mixing with dirt, until it overflowed with water. This water spread throughout the area and continued to branch off to different paths beyond the horizon. After the water settled, the Creator scooped some mud from the river and pulled some grass from the lush forests and rubbed them together. She continued to dig into the dirt,…

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