The Crazy Scientist, Responsible For The Creation Of The Big Killing Monster

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Victor the crazy scientist, responsible for the creation of the big killing monster. Victor did not expect the creature to be a killer. The creature became full of rage when Victor betrayed the creature and refused to do some of things the Creature asked, including creating him a mate. Victor eventually stopped associating with the monster which makes the monster feel lonely and angry. The creature curses his creator because he feels that Victor should not have created him if he was just going to disown him. These characters have similar character traits, and they become more noticeable as the story progresses. Victor and the Creature both experience loneliness in the book. The creature feels like an outcast by man, Victor curses his name and leaves him on his own refusing to teach him anything. The Creature was shunned by man because of his vile appearance. When Victor created the creature he played God, he made organic life out of his own laboratory, which made Victor happy and proud at first. Victor soon realizes what a big responsibility creating life is and later regrets his decision. The creature plays God just as much as Victor does. The creature took many lives and caused death among Victors family members. This was caused by all of the anger that the creature felt towards his creator. The biggest similarity seen between these two characters is loneliness. The Creature feels isolated by man, and feels alienated and lonely. He is shunned by the outside world,…

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