The Crash Scene Of Kings Avenue And Lumsden Road Essay

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On 09-01-2015 at 0750 hours, I was notified of a fatal traffic crash that occurred at the intersection of Kings Avenue and Lumsden Road. I responded to the crash scene and upon arrival at approximately 0800 hours, I was assigned as to forensically map the scene.

I observed a silver Lexus GS 300 sedan, stopped within the outside lane of Lumsden Road, east of Kings Avenue. The Lexus had damage to the front bumper, left front quarter panel, hood, windshield and roof. The damage was caused when the Lexus struck the bicyclist.

West of the silver Lexus and stopped in the median lane of westbound of Lumsden Road, was a tan Infiniti J30 sedan. Between the Infinity and the median curb was a blue bicycle with a gasoline motor attached to it. The bicycle struck the Infiniti between the left front tire and driver door. The entire bicycle sustained significant damage when it was struck by the Lexus and was thrown and tumbled to its final rest.

The bicyclist was located near the center of the eastbound lanes of Lumsden road, just west of the marked crosswalk for pedestrian traffic crossing on the east side of the intersection. The bicyclist was lying along the east side, of the outside lane for northbound Lumsden Road. The bicyclist was positioned with his head towards the northwest and his feet towards the southeast. West of the bicyclist, there were two areas of blood, indicating where the bicyclist impacted the pavement and leading to the final rest of the bicyclist,…

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