The Cracks Of Higher Education Essays

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The Cracks of Higher Education Higher Education, a place where students are allowed to continue to be pushed through challenging material. This idea has recently came under fire during times where the burden of knowledge gets pushed further and further up the education system. This transfer has cause employers to not only look for degrees but nearly require them. The cost of this change has made some sort of Higher Education mandatory for a student to partake in. Although more schooling is not necessarily a bad thing for society, the increase in tuition prices around the United States has drastically changes student opinions. In recent years tuition fees have increase to nearly 13000 a semester in school fees alone, not to mention living expenses. With minimum wage being so small, a full time job for most student can barely scratch the surface of these expenses. Craig Smith a director at AFT Higher Education, a Higher Education union, says “Many students face a stark choice: go to college and acquire a mountain of debt that will come due right after graduation, or forgo college altogether.” This creates a serious issue for students. The schooling which now has become nearly mandatory for them to attend will either cripple them with financial debt, or punish them with the burdens of schooling and a full time job. Otherwise they will be forced to work lower income jobs due to the lack of other job options such as apprenticeship in the United States. You may ask, should the…

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