The Cost Of Health Care Essay

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Today many Americans are increasingly concerned about their health care. About 18.7% of Americans currently do not have healthcare. This is due to individuals not having enough money to pay for it. And not even as individuals but as a married couple there still is not enough to cover that horrid bill. On top of the cost not many people get medical treatment so that 's wasted money that could be used for other bills. Health care doesn 't even cover the whole medical expenses so that 's still more you have to pay. So why does health care cost so much when it really shouldn 't? We live in a world where some people can 't afford to keep a decent meal on the table. The cost of health care is one of the reasons why this happens. On average health care cost from $200 to $400, when usually it covers not even half of some medical bills. People with no health care tend to not go to any type of medical facility for anything. They choose to keep what money they do have to support themselves. The cost of such a visit if paid would leave someone homeless. It 's a proven fact that "80 million adults are struggling under the weight of medical bills or medical debt"(Gardner). If the economy is trying to help people then the cost should go down just as simple as that. But it seems as if the government is trying to adhere to the upper class and not taking into consideration that the lower class is still suffering. You have some people who don 't have a stable job. But they are still…

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