The Cost Of Attendance At Northeast Lakeview College And The University Of Texas San Antonio

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At last, the time has come for the start of what parents have talked about since birth and what teenagers wished would come faster, graduation. However, it’s not just graduating high school it’s a stepping stone towards a life-long career. In addition, the first decision high-school graduates must make is whether or not to go to college. Nevertheless, the cost of attendance, course of study, and location are all important factors in choosing between Northeast Lakeview college and the University of Texas San Antonio.

Over time college has gradually became more expensive; paying back student loans can be a burden on students and take them years to pay back the financial aid that was acquired.

However, Northeast Lakeview College and UTSA both offer monetary assistance; which makes life a little less stressful for the incoming collegiate freshmen. Likewise, the cost of attendance at Northeast Lakeview College is currently a total of $11,730.00 per year which includes tuition fees, room and board, books and supplies, and transportation. In addition, as a high schooler many have been employed with part-time jobs while attending school and some plan to continue the same responsibility when going into college.

In contrast, the cost to attend UTSA is currently $23,663 per year which includes but is not limited to the cost of tuition and fees, books/supplies, room and board, transportation and personal expenses. With the cost being so expensive a job would very much be…

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