The Corruption Of Power Of Macbeth By William Shakespeare Essay example

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The Corruption of Power in Macbeth
Books and the art of writing has been a very big part of our society for centuries. Great writers have bloomed and disappeared in the past, the most significant one with the greatest impact in our society is William Shakespeare because he is the master of writing literature that goes into deep psychological thoughts and emotions of a character. Readers are very intrigued by his books because it amazing to see how even though his work is old; it is not obsolete because his work is universal and timeless due to its topics. In Shakespeare’s famous plays he writes down unique soliloquies for the characters to express their feelings and emotions through by breaking the “fourth wall” of literature; the “fourth wall” separates fictional worlds from reality, so breaking the fourth wall is basically saying that you know that there 's another universe outside of the fictional one.
Shakespeare wrote one-hundred fifty-four sonnets during his lifetime that go through the emotional changes of characters. Macbeth is one of Shakespeare 's most famous and best plays due to its complex main character Macbeth and other factors. The mentality of Macbeth evolves into something very evil and greedy through power in the book, this is very similar and can be compared to sonnet 119 because it explains why the path of evil makes more sense to a some people.
Macbeth goes back to the three witches to know more about the future in Act IV, scene 1 of Macbeth. Macbeth…

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