The Correlation Between Alcohol, Tobacco, And Other Substances

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Method In order to obtain the data needed for this study, a thirty question survey will be distributed to middle school children at their home school in different zip codes located within the Phoenix metropolitan area. The schools that are hypothesized to have the biggest correlation between alcohol, tobacco, and other substance, delinquency to lower academic achievement and higher juvenile delinquency will come from the Maryvale area. The study will show how Maryvale area schools will have lower academic achievement and higher substance use compared to other schools in other areas within the Phoenix metropolitan area. Schools in other communities will also be surveyed in order to compare the views and behaviors of youth to their peers in the Maryvale areas. Survey collection from youth was chosen since it allows youth to express their views and attitudes anonymously on alcohol, tobacco and other substances, delinquency, and academic achievement with minimum obstruction to their school work.
Youth ages 11 to 14 who are enrolled in 6th to 8th grade will be asked to participate in the study. Students from both genders will be encouraged to participate in order to get a broader understanding of the views and attitudes of middle school age youth. The survey will be taken anonymously, however the questionnaire will include a section from which youth will self-disclose their demographic information such as their age, gender, and racial background only. Schools that…

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