The Correctional System Essay

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The correctional system have been around since the 1800s, many changes have taken place since than. There is now order in the correctional system and how we deal with offenders that violate the law. Unities states have went from first generation to now fourth generation jails and prisons. They change to fit the needs of the prisoners and try to make prison as humane but not as comfortable so the offenders will not reoffend. There have been programs put into place to try to rehabilitate the offenders but it seems that they were set up for failed because it seems that nothing works. Principles of effective intervention have been put into place in order to show that there are programs that work there just needs to be empirical based programs that focus on the model of the offender’s risk, needs and responsivity. Cognitive behavior therapy has been incorporated into treating offenders in order to try to change how offenders process thoughts. Not only offender needs effective programs, but also there are issues in dealing with special population offenders such as sex, aging, female, and mentally ill offenders.
American had taken forms of punishments from European methods that included harsh and sadistic punishments. Once the Declaration of Independence was formed American shifted from the European codes to form their own. All crimes of capital punishments were abolished except for first-degree murder. Felons were imprisoned and prison was put into place rather than hanging the…

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