The Corporate Training Market Uses E Learning Essay

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1. Introduction
E-Learning is a young and ground-breaking phenomenon for serving the needs of learners. The use of technology and new communication channels allow teachers and learners to experience a social, interactive and vibrant learning environment. Governments invest in E-Learning initiatives for making education accessible to everyone by lowering the barriers of time and place and providing flexibility and affordability especially for those could not enter traditional programs. (Bichsel, 2013)
The term E-Learning is widely used. Universities use E-Learning as a method of establishing formal university programs leading to degrees, professional training programs such as certificate and industry-specific programs (sometimes referred as non-matriculated programs). The corporate training market uses E-Learning as a method of teaching and learning for industry professionals. It has also spread its scope to informal education such as Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). However, the borders of these concepts are blurry and many instructors and researchers attempted to use best practices of each category to the other. Some formal E-Learning programs came out of successful online certificate programs. Some universities held MOOCs for university credit. As a result, E-Learning practices are growing rapidly in quantity and diversity and this, in turn, adds to the richness of the existing knowledge about the topic.
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