The Convergence Of Old Media With New Media Essays

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This essay will be assessing the convergence of old media with new media through the examination of their uses within the film “Johnny Mnemonic” (Longo 1995). Along with convergence theory, this essay will touch on Dystopianism, Vincent Mosco 's “Myth”, and the notion of Symptomatic technology. It is the intention of this paper to cover each topic in turn, using them to pick apart and examine the sample film. Johnny Mnemonic is the 1995 film adaptation of William Gibson 's short story by the same title. The film takes place in the year 2021 and follows the main character “Johnny,” a Mnemonic carrier with a silicone implant in his head for storing data too sensitive to be sent via the Net, a virtual reality version of the Internet, that he is hired to discretely transport to it 's destination. The device makes room for the data by suppressing his own childhood memories. Johnny is hired to make one last run in order to gain enough money to have the implant removed and his memories restored but the job goes wrong quickly and he is double crossed by his handler, Ralfi. The information he downloaded was double his storage capacity and was leaking out into his nervous system, quickly killing him. The data that Johnny had been hired to carry was a cure for a fictional disease, NAS, and was invaluable to a great many people, especially to Pharmakom, the company from whom the data was stolen and who didn 't want the cure leaked out. Johnny 's clients, whistle-blowers and…

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