The Controversy Of Draco Malfoy's Sketch

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Throwing a rock is an assault. A serious question has come into issue. At the King’s Cross Station, Draco Malfoy spotted Harry Potter walking pass him at the train platform. In advance to scare Harry, Mr. Malfoy picked up a rock and prepares to throw it at him. When the rock flew past Harry’s face, it bounced off the walls and stroked Harry at the back of his head. Thus, cutting Potter’s head and causing him to require stitches for the cut. Now, based on the information given, I do believe Draco is guilty of assault.
I was given the facts, and it clearly proves that Mr. Malfoy harmed Harry Potter. Even if he did not mean to hit Harry on the head with a rock, he did and it caused Mr. Potter to have a cut. The Hogwarts Wizarding Code of Conduct
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Now one might state that he might not have knowingly or intentionally want to harm Harry Potter. Yes, sure Mr. Malfoy did not intend to hit Harry with the rock. However, based on the facts given, that does not matter. I do know that Mr. Potter was cut on the head and requires stitches for the cut. Therefore, Draco broke the Hogwarts Code of Conduct. Furthermore, it does not matter whether it was done on purpose or not. The main evidence proven was Draco did assault Harry.
Now, another person might argue Mr. Malfoy did not beat or mug Harry, therefore, it is not a form of assault. Assault does not necessarily have to involve beating. It is a form of attack. In the dictionary, the definition of assault is a physical attack on. Injuries and assault with a weapon fall under the category. Nevertheless, Draco might not have physically hit Mr. Potter on the head. Yet, he did use a device that wounded Harry. In the criminal justice system, this rock being thrown will fall under demonstrative evidence. Because it was a physical or tangible object, it is an indication of criminal activity.
Thus, Draco is a guilty suspect of an assault. Mr. Malfoy has not only assaulted Mr. Potter. Though, he had violated the Hogwarts Wizarding Code of Conduct, which specifically states reckless injury to another student. Draco Malfoy can even be going into trial, but that is a whole other

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