1.2, With What, If Anything, Can Dansusky Be Charged?

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Midterm Exam

1. With what, if anything, can Dansusky be charged?

Following the case study, the first thing Dansusky can be charged with is the rape of a child. Assistant Coach Racmeady witnesses Dansusky anally penetrating a ten-year-old boy. While not many other details of the rape are clear this fact pattern alone can be used to charge Dansusky for the rape of a child, since he commits an unlawful sexual penetration of the victim and the victim is less than 13 years of age (in this case the boy is 10 years old).
Further, Dansusky could also be charged with battery against Racmeady. After Dansusky becomes aware of Racmeady he attacks Racmeady, which causes him to hit his head and black out. Therefore, Racmeady sustains a physical injury from Dansusky’s attack on him. It can also be assumed that Dansuky’s intend was to harm Racmeady, to prevent him form reporting what he saw. But, even if Dansusky’s intend was not to harm Racmeady with his attack, considering that the battery happened due to the commission of another unlawful act, the intend for the battery could be transferred from the intend to commit the rape. Hence, Dansusky could also be charged with battery.
Lastly, Dansusky could be
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While Clarice never outright states that the bust is stolen, Josie could assume this fact form the unusually low price of the bust that Clarice is offering her. Further, she also knows Clarice very well being her good friend, and knowing that she works at the museum and urgently needs money could reasonably assume that Clarice stole the bust. When buying the bust from Clarice, Josie assumes control of it and financially gains from it since she plans to sell it for a much higher price than she paid, allowing her to make a high profit of the bust. She also has no intention of returning it to the rightful owner, which is shown by her attempt to resell it to another buyer. Therefore she could be convicted of receiving stolen

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