Essay on The Controversial And Difficult Issue Of Assisted Suicide

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Everybody is going to die sometime, but for some, serious medical conditions only prolong the wait upon their deathbed. From newborn infants with severe handicaps, to elderly men and women diagnosed with hopeless amnesia, euthanasia has found a place in society since society’s creation. In this paper I will focus on the controversial and difficult issue of assisted suicide or euthanasia. I will discuss my beliefs concerning euthanasia, to include the “special population” and identify the laws concerning physician-assisted suicide in the state of North Dakota. Euthanasia has its share of protesters, and there are some supporters who recognize the boundaries. Let’s discuss some of my beliefs concerning euthanasia.

A person has become extremely ill and doesn 't want to continue suffering, should he/she be forced to stay alive? Whose life is it anyways? Is it the family 's life or the persons '? As our text explains, physician-assisted suicide occurs when the physician gives the patient a lethal dose of some medication, but the patient administers it him/herself. Euthanasia occurs when the physician carries out the final act. (Pozgar, 2010). Most families believe that they should be given the right to decide if they want to let their loved ones go, but in most cases it 's not the family 's choice. The decision to live or die usually rests with the individual, unless he/she is too ill to make a reasonable decision. Immediate family members, such as spouses or the parents are…

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