The Contributions Of Benjamin Franklin Essay examples

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Although Franklin is often remembered as a very important and influential Founding Father of America, the contributions of Benjamin Franklin to America were not only in the government, but before he became a good diplomat, Franklin was a writer, printer, postmaster, and inventor. In his days that he was alive, Franklin became one of the most popular figures in the new world. His kite test or experiment with a key as well as his assistant, which proved that there is electricity is with in lightning, earned him an invitation to meet a king which was from France. Ben Franklin, accomplishments included ownership of his own newspaper from 1728 to the year 1800,The Pennsylvania Gazette; the founding of the first subscription library in the world; as well as becoming the Grand Master of the Masonic Lodge in Philadelphia around the time he was 25 to 30 years old. Franklin 's earliest invention was a set of wooden flippers meant to increased swimming speed. He crafted at the age of 11. Among the literary accomplishments of Benjamin Franklin, works include the world-famous "Poor Richard 's Almanack" as well as his autobiography, which is considered one of the first well known, important pieces of American literature.
In the public life of Benjamin Franklin his achievements included, his appointment by the British Parliament as the Joint Deputy Postmaster-General of Northern America beginning in 1753. Ben Franklin 's improvements to the United States mail system included raising the…

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