Essay on The Contribution Of Albert Einstein

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Albert Einstein was one of the twentieth centuries most influential people, both as a scientist and a public figure. Although Einstein was a mathematician he is better known for his work in the field of theoretical physics, and through his work he helped change the realm of physics for years to come. Throughout Einstein’s life and work he was continually subjected to constant scrutiny and even persecution, which can be directly related back to WWII and Einstein’s home country of Germany. Through this paper I wish to convey the historical significance of Einstein work, and the impact that his work had from a historical context, for if not for Einstein history would not be written as it is today.

Albert Einstein was born in Ulm Germany on March 14th 1879. His father was an engineer who sparked Albert’s early interest in science when he gave him a compass. Albert was fascinated by the way the compasses magnetic needle would continually point in the direction of the earths north pole (magnetic south pole). Einstein was a very quite child and didn’t even begin to speak until the age of three. This continued through his early education where his teachers believed him to be “stupid,” as they though he had trouble with math because he would solve problems very slowly, and furthermore because he didn’t become fluent with his speech until after the age of nine. Although his teachers believed he did not posses any sort of special intellect, due to his in ability…

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