The Contradiction Of Bullying

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Standing in a doctor’s office waiting to get a shot…the patient suddenly feels frightened and wants to run away once his name is heard by the receptionist. Comparing this to bullying with the bully as the needle and the patient as the victim, no one wants to come encounter with the needle. Over half of students in school reported being bullied more than a school year. Bullying should stop because bullying has contributed to altering many victims’ self-esteem and personality, victims’ may feel humiliated, and thus alienated from everyone in their peer group, while bullies may feel they have gained a position of superiority, and administrators should not focus on the victims’ behavior and focus on the bullies’ behavior. Bullying controls the …show more content…
Many would argue that bullies have a low self-esteem or that they are poor and for the victim that they are popular and that’s why they get bullied. This is not true because, victims of bullying may feel alienated and humiliated causing social and educational dysfunctions. The bully may feel like they have established a certain dominance of some form or they are superior to the victim because of their jabs toward the victim are what some may call “funny” or “entertaining”. Also, due to the bully’s raise in confidence it comes with good grades. Therefore, that is the contradiction of bullying. For example, Deborah Lee compares, “The stereotype of yesteryear-a physically intimidating, low achieving, socially maladjusted loner-no longer applies. Instead, bullies these days are, often as not, popular kids and academic achievers” (Bullying in schools: an overview). Bullies are now popular and has very good grades for the most part. But, for the victim, due to their low capabilities, are low achieving, unpopular, and anti-social. It can now be inferred that because of bullying, the victim fails schools and has no social skills. Causing the victim to fail and also be socially awkward can lead to a serious case of psychological depression. Bullying Statistics reports, “Suicide is the third leading cause of death among young people, resulting in about 4,400 deaths per year, according to the CDC” Suicide is a self-inflicted death among someone …show more content…
But do people focus on the way the victim retaliate or the braveness of the victim? In school, both parties (people) gets disciplined for arguing or fighting. In a case like this administrators should not focus on the victims’ behavior, but focus on the previous actions of the bully that caused the victim to retaliate. As Deborah Lee explains, “In dealing with bullies, adults in schools must understand that the problem lies with the bully, not the victim, and act accordingly” (Bullying in schools: An Overview). Since bullying can take place outside an eye (or two) of an adult, victims should learn to stand up and not serve a consequence but a reward for putting down a coward. Because of the way the school system works, school board officials want to have equality for every unique person. Does that stand for bullies? If a victim stands up to a bully is that considered disruption of a safe environment/school? Many would agree that severe consequence should be taken when it comes to bullying…even if the victim chose to stand up to him/her or not. In other circumstances does it really have to take the victim to stand up to the bully for everything to be dealt with? School board officials as well as adults to quickly sweep the subject of bullying under the rug because it’s such a broad topic. But, this broad topic needs to be addressed accordingly. In Belvidere School District, there’s a silent uproar of a problem that

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