The Contract Established Between Charter Golf, Inc. And Ken Falls Under The Rules

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Statute of Frauds
In the given case the question is whether the contract established between Charter Golf, Inc. and Ken falls under the rules established by the Statue of Frauds which is defined by (Miller and Jentz, 2010, p.G-18) “A state statute under which certain types of contracts must be in writing to be enforceable.” There are four types of contracts that are describes by (Miller and Jentz, 2010, p.209)
1. Contracts involving interests in land.
2. Contracts that cannot by their terms be performed within one year from the date of formation.
3. Collateral contracts, such as promises to answer for the debt or duty of another.
4. Promises made in consideration of marriage.
5. Contracts for the sale of goods priced at $500 or more (under the Uniform Commercial Code, or UCC.
The first type of contract listed under the Statute of Frauds is in land issues described by (Miller and Jentz, 2010, p.209) “Land is a form of real property, or real estate, which includes not only land but all physical objects that are permanently attached to the soil, such as buildings, plants, trees, and the soil itself.” Since the contract formed between Charter Golf, Inc. and Ken does not in any way have to do with property or land it would not fall under the first type of contract listed.
The second category of contracts listed by (Miller and Jentz, 2010, p.209) is any contract that cannot be performed within one year of the date of formation. The contract formed between Charter Golf,…

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