The Content Of Body Language Essay

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Many information is given about the topic of body language ranging from some background information to its meaning. Majority of the researches who have focused on this have also given examples about the topic. The conversation regarding the topic of dancers usage of body language to communicate is centered on visual education as opposed to the usual reading and writing experiments. This was beneficial to gain understanding of the examples given about my topic.
One experiment, which was done by Julie Brodie and Elin Lobel, attempted to study fundamental concepts of movement essential for many dance practices. Students are introduced to breathing, sensing, connecting, and initiating during the warm-up of their dance class over the course of one semester. Even though I did not plan to do this, this experiment was helpful in demonstrating “the transition from [the dancers] awareness through movement activities to the more technical parts of class” (Brodie and Lobel 83). Being aware of the four principles of movement increases the dancers’ performance. Chayan Jain builds upon this and explains what certain body movements mean and how they influence a dancer 's’ performance. To Jain, body language is broken up mainly into facial expression, leg movement, hand movement, and other gestures and explains how they improve a dancer’s performance.
The experiment done by Jain is one of the researches that gives a lot of definitions. Additionally, he mentions four aspects that make body…

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