The Content Integration Of Multiculturalism Essay

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Content Integration

As intellectualized by Banks (2014), the Content Integration component of multiculturalism generally pertains to the incorporation and execution alternate curricular materials and learning aids beyond the prevailing conventions of dominant educational constructs (Banks, 2014). In other students are exposed to a broader scope of scholastic information composed from minority experiences, perspectives, concepts, and ideas. However, as observed by Banks (2014), this feature of multiculturalism is typically better suited in terms of lesson planning and classroom pedagogy for subjects rooted in the sociocultural, verbal-linguistic, or socioeconomic aspects of human knowledge (e.g., civics, social studies, art history literature, and so on) (Banks, 2014). Of course, even those subjects that operate on very stringent applications of logic and reasoning (e.g chemistry, biology, mathematics, physics, and so on) can improve their appeal in culturally diversified classrooms through the introduction of important minority figures and their respective contributions to society. Furthermore, it should be noted that many instructors consider erroneously – Content Integration as the only essential component of multiculturalism that needs to be applied in educational settings
Knowledge Construction

As a conceptual corollary to Content Integration, the Knowledge Construction component of multiculturalism is more intricate in terms of its implications for classroom pedagogy…

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