The Constructive Role Of Technology On Education Essay

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The constructive role of technology in education Revision 1 Iraq, my country, is the first Arab country in the Middle East who brought computers, but unfortunately engaging in wars prevented the wide expansion of this technology. Before 2003 it was used in the governmental offices with a restriction, but since 2003 computers began to visit Iraqi families. So, as a student, I have quite a poor experience in the matter of using the technology in teaching. When my family moved to Egypt in 2006, I noticed they are using technology in the classrooms such as computers laps, microphones, loudspeaker and data shows. I myself had the great benefit of it; however, this brought my attention to the positive effect of technology in teaching. When I started studying at college in the USA; I realized the wide range of using this technology in education. I myself have started using a new technology called Blackboard, which becomes popular in colleges these days as we can distribute the lecture notes and the course information with correlation with all teachers. The impact of this technology in improving the standards of education is the reason behind my interest in choosing to write on this topic, which I have not written before. The most useful sources I applied for my researched were websites articles. All these sources are credible because they have so many visitors and their authors are well known.
In the article “The 12 Ways Technology Changed Learning” according to Dr. Katherine…

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