The Construction Of Nation Identities Essay

1265 Words Dec 8th, 2016 6 Pages
The Construction of Nation Identities
Shiyi Chen
Arts Department, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada, 64805161

ABSTRACT This discussion paper explores the importance of the construction of a nation’s identity and assumed ways in which this construction can be made. Two possible ways have been suggested: 1) building a brand and associating it with specific sign values, through this gain the support to national identity; 2) localizing foreign brands or products, enriching them with local elements, and thus conveying a national ideology. The essay closes with a look toward the future, as further researches aiming at the practices of such approaches have been encouraged.

Construction and presentation of our identities have always been a core concept in social thought. Introduced by the works of Cooley and Mead, identity studies have evolved and grown various perspectives in modern sociological researches. Along with the wave of commercialism, our self-presenting manners start to change. Consumption has now become novel means of constructing our social identities and presenting ourselves. Through our purchases and possessions, we offer a clear idea of what we think ourselves are and exert such impression to others.
However, the current studies “focused primarily on the formation of the ‘me,’ exploring the ways in which interpersonal interactions mold an individual’s sense of self (Cerulo 385)” instead of exploring the broader sense of identity in a…

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