The Constitution Of The Republic Of Turkey Essay

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Political Regime
The Constitution Since the creation of the Republic of Turkey, the government has seen four new constitutions, the last one being implemented in 1982. The first constitution was that of 1921, when Ataturk lead the newly formed Grand National Assembly to try and gain their freedom from impending Allied rule. The constitution included that, stated on the Grand National Assembly’s website, “sovereignty belongs to the nation without any reservation and limitation” and “the legislative and executive powers are vested in the Assembly” (“History,” n.d.). The second constitution can as of 1924, after the Anatolia region became the Republic of Turkey. The 1924 constitution contained elements of both the parliamentary system and governmental executive powers (“Constitution of the Republic of Turkey,” 2011). On the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Foreign Affairs website, they state that the constitution “whilst Parliament directly exercised legislative powers, a separation of powers did exist in view of the exercise of executive power” (“Constitution of the Republic of Turkey,” 2011). This means that while the legislative branch has the power to direct the legislative powers but the power is also split between them and the executive branch, who can also make legislative decisions. The same website states that under the constitution, “The judicial and executive powers are clearly separated. Independent courts exercise judiciary powers on behalf of the nation”…

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