The Constitution Grants An American Citizen Essay

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The U.S Constitution grants an American Citizen the Constitutional right to freedom of speech and expression, but there are certain groups of citizens that are being denied their right to freedom of speech and expression. Teachers in the United States are being denied their First Amendment right to freedom of speech and expression by limiting on how they express their views on education, limits on what they can put on blogs or letters, and limiting on how they might use social media. Teachers have their own opinions about how a classroom should be taught, either by giving a lecture, a hands on activity or connecting a material with the real world. There are some teachers who use controversial techniques to teach a material in the classroom, which usually ends up showing disapproval from the society. A high school teacher in Fayetteville, North Carolina was placed on administrative leave after he stepped on the U.S. flag during his lecture and how the Constitution protected the First Amendment (Tan n. pag.). He believed that his action was protected under the Constitution and it served a good educational purpose (Tan n.pag.). He told the Christian Science Monitor reporter that he was being a good American citizen by informing the rights granted to the people by the U.S Supreme Court (Tan n. pag.). Two students walked out of the classroom during the lecture, one student grabbing the flag stepped by the teacher (Tan n. pag.). He received hatred from the Fayetteville…

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